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About Me


Audio Director at Playtonic Games. I’ve headed up the audio team, working with top name talent, to deliver ‘Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair’ (2019), for which i’ve written 30 mins of music. I joined the company shortly after their record breaking Kickstarter and swiftly established the audio department on the predecessor ‘Yooka-Laylee’ (2017).


Before that: I worked on ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ (2015) at Rocksteady, where I responsible for the 80,000 lines of dialogue on the base game and all manner of sound design on various DLC packages that followed.


Before working in AAA, I brought my own companies game ‘Standpoint’ (2015) to Xbox One. I took contracts with many devs in the London Indie scene, delivering sound and music for apps, games and installations.

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